Building Reminders

Posted By on January 18, 2017


Residents are responsible at all times for the reasonable conduct of themselves, their occupants and guests. Loud or boisterous conduct anywhere on Park Boulevard East property, including your residence, which disturbs the comfort and quiet enjoyment of others, is prohibited. The volume of radio, stereo sets, television, and musical instruments shall be held at a reasonable level at all times so other residents are not disturbed. After 10:00 p.m. the volume must be significantly reduced so as not to disturb other residents. In the event a neighbor or guest is causing a disturbance, the person being inconvenienced should call on-site security at 619-846-7049 between the hours of 9pm-5am.


Recently, marijuana has been smelled in the common area hallways around the building and has been reported as a nuisance. Even if you have a medicinal need for marijuana, there are other ways to medicate which don’t affect your surrounding neighbors. Smoking is not allowed in any common interior areas, building corridors or elevators. This includes, but is not limited to cigarettes, marijuana and cigars.

Trash and Misc. Items

No owner shall store or place anything in the common areas, lobbies, hallways or public areas. This includes, but is not limited to trash bags, potted plants, signage, pictures, paintings, items of furniture, etc.

Short Term Rentals “Air BNB & VRBO”

Homeowners shall not lease a Condominium for transient or hotel purposes. Any rental or leasing agreement shall (i) be for a period not less than thirty (30) days, (ii) be in writing, (iii) provide that the lease or rental is subject to the Governing Documents. If your unit is noticed being used as a short term rental, the owner will be called to a hearing and face a potential fine.



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